I am Navin. The founder of Kingmailer. I am a developer based in Paramaribo, building a simple yet powerful email service. I am working full time on Kingmailer and have invested my own money into building and marketing Kingmailer. I did this because sometimes you need to follow your dreams and start your own startup.

He’s literally my boss…

Why am I building Kingmailer?

The idea for Kingmailer came in 2015 when I was frustrated that most solutions out there were too complex and time-consuming for me. After spending many hours on testing different vendors, I realized that I had to come with my own solution. The solution had to work perfectly fine for me, before bringing out to the general public, which happened in 2017.

How are you funding it?

The company is now able to cover hosting, marketing and development costs.

The first 2 years after founding Kingmailer was much tougher than it is now, because I had to work on the software and there was a lot to learn also.

I will try to blog as much as possible about the email service and some lessons learnt also. Would love to keep in touch, feel free to drop me an email.

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