Email as a Service

Powerful email service that enable you to send, receive, route and track emails.


Kingmailer provides everything you’ll need for sending, receiving and routing (forwarding) your emails.

Transactional Emails
Bulk/Marketing allowed
Official libraries
Community libraries
Spam score checking
Spam complaint handling
Bounce handling
Shared IPs
Dedicated IPs
Separate servers
Pre-made email templates
Template engine
Inbox preview
Scheduled delivery
A/B testing
Email address validation
Inbound email processing
RegEx matching on all email headers (“routes”)
Chain multiple filters
UTF-8 encoding
Strip signature and quote blocks
Spam filtering
Delivery rates
Bounce rates
Open rates
Click tracking
Unsubscribe tracking
Spam rates
Full message storage (180 days /custom)
Automatic tagging
Custom tagging
Custom header metadata tag
Custom tracking domain
Geolocation data
Email client and device tracking
Real-time notifications
Opportunistic TLS
Enforced TLS
Time to Inbox
System availability API
Service availability API

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Here’s a list of email types that we currently support and don’t support:

SupportedNot supported
Sign up emailsNewsletters
Password reset emailsPromotional emails
Notification emailsCold emails
Welcome emailsAnnouncements
Transactional emailsMarketing newsletters
Forum notificationsUnsolicited emails
Invoice & receipt emailsSpam
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