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Pricing based on 50,000 emails p/mo

Kingmailer Sendgrid
$5 p/month $30 p/month
$55 p/year $360 p/year

Save $25 p/mo or $305 per year.

What is allowed

Here's a list of email types that we allow at the moment, questions? Send us an email

Allowed Not allowed
Sign up emails Newsletters
Password reset emails Promotional emails
Notification emails Cold emails
Welcome emails Announcements
Transactional emails Marketing newsletters
Forum notifications Unsolicited emails
Invoice & receipt emails Spam

Compare pricing

Pricing based on 50,000 emails p/mo

  • Kingmailer: $5 p/mo or $55 p/year
  • MailGun: $35 p/mo or $420 p/year
  • Sendgrid: $30 p/mo or $360 p/year
  • PostMarkApp: $50 p/mo or $600 p/year
  • SMTP2Go: $35 p/mo or $420 p/year
  • Mandrill: $50 p/mo or $600 p/year

Email delivery

How is the inbox delivery, you may ask?

We have great inbox delivery, and you can verify this yourself also.

All our customers are in the same IP pool and share the same IP, this makes our IP very strong and reputable, giving it very high inbox rates, and also because we do not allow spam.

  • We have a 80+ % Sender score on ReturnPath, see here
  • We  have a 10/10 Mail Tester score, see here
  • We provide a clean IP address, not blacklisted, you can see here
  • We have 100% uptime, see here
  • Is it worth the $5 p/mo? Totally.

Do you need additional proof? We can supply, just email us.

Interview with Navin Poeran, CEO Kingmailer

Costumer support

Kingmailer Sendgrid
email + WhatsApp text support for all plans (free & paid plans) Ticket support (free plan), Live chat support ($30 plan) or WhatsApp +597-878-8413 Create ticket

Product features

Kingmailer Sendgrid
SMTP Username/Password SMTP Username/Password
180 days email log 30 days email log
Email monitoring Email monitoring
Reporting analytics Reporting analytics
Spam check Spam Check
Suppression management A/B Testing
Data Recovery Contact Database
Archiving & Retention Dynamic Content
Queue Management Mailing List Management
Response Management Template Management
Shared Inboxes
Spam Blocker
Free whitelisted IP

Best for

Kingmailer Sendgrid
Small businesses, webmasters, developers, startups, entrepreneurs, Android/iOS app developers. SMTP Mail server. To send, receive, analyze and troubleshoot emails. Twilio SendGrid serves everyone from independent developers to enterprise level corporations. Anyone who needs to reliably send email from their application can use SendGrid.


Kingmailer Sendgrid
All major cards All major cards
PayPal PayPal
Western Union
Wire Transfer


Kingmailer Sendgrid
Rating 4.5/5 4.3/5
Ease of Use 4.7/5 4.2/5
Customer Support 4.7/5 4.1/5
Features & Functionality 4.3/5 4.2/5
Value for Money 5/5 4.2/5

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