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Price per yearEmails per month
59 USD 20 USD5,000 emails
79 USD 40 USD10,000 emails
159 USD 80 USD20,000 emails
Only for new clients. This promotion ends 9 july 2024.

We are doing pre-screening of our clients that wants to use our SMTP service, as part of our onboarding process for new clients.

This is why we are asking you to fill out the form below, we will write you back ASAP.

Sign up / registration emails
Password reset emails / confirmation emails
E-commerce / forum / membership site emails
Email alias / forwarding, MX mail routing
We allow Transactional emails only, these are some examples.
Not supported
Not for Welcome emails
Not for newsletters
Not for mass / bulk mail
Not for spamming / phishing / scamming
Not for marketing / promotional / announcements emails
We don’t support these types of emails.