SMTP for Gmail

In this article, we explain how to send and receive emails in your Gmail-address using your business domain. We will assume you have already signed up for a free Kingmailer account, and have already setup your domain. (SPF, DKIM, MX and RETURN PATH) First thing after adding/verifying your domain in your account is, to create… Continue reading SMTP for Gmail

Meilleur serveur SMTP gratuit

Commencez à envoyer, recevoir, acheminer / transférer vos e-mails, en utilisant notre serveur SMTP gratuit. Après votre inscription, vous aurez votre nom d’utilisateur SMTP et votre mot de passe SMTP gratuits. Et aussi l’API Web SMTP gratuite.


Buy transactional SMTP server Looking to buy SMTP? Only $79,= per year. We offer the best price/quality SMTP service in comparison to other SMTP providers. Our SMTP service is recommended for e-commerce sites, job sites, news organizations, membership sites, and online forums. You can use our SMTP service to send, receive and route / forward… Continue reading Buy SMTP

Kingmailer SMTP Server – How to Send Emails for Free

Kingmailer’s SMTP server is a free and paid SMTP service which anyone who has an email account or a web app can use to send or receive emails. You can use it with personal emails, or even with your website if you are sending emails for things such as contact forms, notifications or other type… Continue reading Kingmailer SMTP Server – How to Send Emails for Free

WooCommerce SMTP Server

If you need reliable email delivery for your WooCommerce store, you have come to the right place. Our servers are designed for delivering transactional emails, or emails generated by your WooCommerce e-store. Emails like orders emails, invoices, password resets, user sign up emails, welcome emails etc. How does it work? After following these steps, all… Continue reading WooCommerce SMTP Server