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  • MailChannels alternative

    Why choose Kingmailer over MailChannels? Kingmailer solves your spam (inbound or outbound filter) problem with its build-in Spam filter. Kingmailer uses SpamAssassin – an open source solution for combating email spam (unsolicited bulk spam). SpamAssassin uses a variety of mechanisms to detect spam, including: Text analysis  Bayesian filtering DNS block lists DNSBL or RBL databases […]

  • Sendgrid alternative

  • MailGun alternative

    Try this Mailgun alternative for free. Free clean IP address + email routing included. Not for mass mail or sending newsletters. FAQ

  • How to Register Free SMTP Server

    In this article we will explain how to get your account up and running. Follow the steps below and have fun! From there, the steps to follow are: Once you are ready to upgrade, send us an email

  • Beste Gratis SMTP Server

    Verstuur, ontvang, route/doorstuur uw e-mails met behulp van onze gratis SMTP-servers. Na het registreren heeft u uw gratis SMTP-gebruikersnaam en SMTP-wachtwoord. En ook gratis SMTP WEB API.

  • Buy SMTP with Bitcoin

    Looking to buy SMTP with Bitcoin? We offer the best price/quality SMTP service in comparison to other SMTP providers. We accept Bitcoin. Buy your SMTP Server for sending transactional emails and MX email routing/email forward and pay with Bitcoin. Try our SMTP service for free. Start sending, receiving and route /forward emails with your SMTP […]

  • Best Free SMTP Server

    Start sending, receiving, routing/forwarding your emails, using our free SMTP server. After signing up you will have your free SMTP Username and SMTP Password. And also free SMTP Web API.