Simple alternative to Mailgun

Your own SMTP mail server in seconds. For sending, receiving and routing emails.

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Simple, email-based pricing

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$11.95Per month0%
$143.40 $591-Year plan58%
$286.80 $892-Year plan68%
This plan is based on 5,000 emails per month. Transactional emails only. Contact us for larger plans.
*After the initial period, you will be charged annual service fee at then-current prices (currently $79.00/year).

Fast setup, easy integration

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Get up and running today. Here’s what needs to get done:

  1. Activate your account

    After you sign up, check your email, click a link, and you’re done.

  2. Set up your domain

    Add a couple DNS records so we know you own the domain you claim to be sending emails from.

  3. Start sending

    You can now send, receive or route emails, using the SMTP credentials or HTTP API.

Kingmailer provides everything you’ll need for sending, receiving and routing (forwarding) your emails.

Transactional Emails
Bulk/Marketing allowed
Official libraries
Community libraries
Spam score checking
Spam complaint handling
Bounce handling
Shared IPs
Dedicated IPs
Separate servers
Pre-made email templates
Template engine
Inbox preview
Scheduled delivery
A/B testing
Email address validation

Inbound email processing
RegEx matching on all email headers (“routes”)
Chain multiple filters
UTF-8 encoding
Strip signature and quote blocks
Spam filtering

Delivery rates
Bounce rates
Open rates
Click tracking
Unsubscribe tracking
Spam rates
Full message storage (180 days /custom)
Automatic tagging
Custom tagging
Custom header metadata tag
Custom tracking domain
Geolocation data
Email client and device tracking
Real-time notifications

Opportunistic TLS
Enforced TLS

Time to Inbox
System availability API
Service availability API

Send more emails and spend less time managing your email infrastructure with our easy-to-use control panel and our Email API and SMTP.

Create customized, dynamic messages using a powerful API.

Get up-to-the-minute analytics on your message deliverability and engagement metrics.

Archive and search historical transactional emails.

Monitor all your email logs and statistics on deliverability, open rates, click rates and more.

Manage your email statistics using webhooks and integrate Kingmailer SMTP with all your tools: WordPress, PrestaShop, WooCommerce and more.

Ensure your welcome messages, order confirmations, shipping notifications, app alerts, and other important emails reach the inbox.

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