Transactional SMTP alternative to Mailgun

Kingmailer SMTP is a transactional SMTP tool, that let’s you send, receive and route/ forward emails. We accept Bitcoin, PayPal and all major cards.

Email support Clean IP address Email dashboard
Simple pricing Email API Secure delivery

View your recent processed emails
Meta data

Simple, email-based pricing

Sign up for a 14-day trial. We accept USD and BTC.

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20,000 emails per month. For Routing & Transactional emails only. Not for sending mass mail or newsletters. Need a custom plan or have questions? Send us an email We accept Bitcoin, PayPal and all major cards.

Easy to troubleshoot emails

In your Kingmailer dashboard, you can click on each email to troubleshoot. Kingmailer logs and retains data of your emails, this is very useful when you need to troubleshoot your emails.

Here are a few screenshots to give you an idea:

Incoming messages
Spam check
Spam status
Spam Check details
Spam score

This is already pre-configured in your account, give it a try.

Fast setup, easy integration

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Get up and running today. Here’s what needs to get done:

  1. Activate your account

    After you sign up, check your email, click a link, and you’re done.

  2. Set up your domain

    Add a couple DNS records so we know you own the domain you claim to be sending emails from.

  3. Start sending

    You can now send, receive or route emails, using the SMTP credentials or HTTP API.

Customers who are already using Kingmailer

We used Sendgrid before, but we had many issues and were looking for an alternative. We stumbled on Kingmailer and got great support setting op our account from Navin. The service works way better that Sendgrid. Where we had issues with sending emails to Hotmail and sometimes sending was blocked, we have had no problem with Kingmailer.


Costumer service has been very helpful. I can pay with Bitcoin.


Easy setup, useful dashboard, no delivery failures due to being on spam lists (unlike say, Sendgrid), API & SMTP relay. Once it’s set up, I can just forget it and be sure that it’ll work.


Works without problems and is affordable.


Ready to start?

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