TLDR; Kingmailer offers No SMTP Leak

Some providers might leak your actual physical address, when sending an email, by displaying your IP address to the recipient.

Some have privacy concerns, with what they want to reveal to providers about their whereabouts… well whatever your personal reasons may be, we have some good news.

After working on this we’re happy to announce, Kingmailer is no longer displaying the IP address, also known as “no SMTP IP leak”.

Kingmailer will now show localhost as your physical location.

This is how you can verify if this is truly true and if we are truly offering this (which we are):

  1. Sign up for a free account
  2. Add/verify your domain (SPF + DKIM)
  3. Next step is, go to Google/Bing, search for an SMTP no IP leak tool tester.

This No IP Leak tool will give you an email address.

  1. From your Kingmailer-dashboard, send an email to this mail address.

This tool will now give you the analyses, after receiving the email, for you to confirm, whether or not if there is IP Leak. (which there is not)

We hope you found this article helpful and will give us a try.

You can reach us via Telegram for support. Our handle is @Kingmailer

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