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Why choose Kingmailer over MailChannels?

Kingmailer solves your spam (inbound or outbound filter) problem with its build-in Spam filter. Kingmailer uses SpamAssassin – an open source solution for combating email spam (unsolicited bulk spam).

Fun fact: MailChannels is using SpamAssassin also.

SpamAssassin uses a variety of mechanisms to detect spam, including:

Text analysis Bayesian filtering
DNS block listsDNSBL or RBL databases
Source SpamAssassin Wiki

In your Kingmailer dashboard, you can click on each email to troubleshoot. Here are a few screenshots to give you an idea:

Spam Status
Spam Checks
Incoming Messages

Spam Checks
Spam score

Don’t worry, this is all already pre-configured in your account.

Inbound filtering

Keeping up with spammers
Email gets sent to the junk folder inappropriately
30 minute support response, 24/7
Where did that email go?email dashboardemail dashboard
SMTP Endpoint

Okay but, what is our price? You may ask.

Check the table below to get an idea:

Emails per monthPrice /month
Need a custom plan? Email us.

Okay, but can I send bulk / spam? Short answer: no.

This is what we support:

Bulk marketing / NewslettersNo
Transactional emailsYes
Email routingYes


Does Kingmailer have Inbound filtering?

Yes. We have inbound filtering.

Does Kingmailer have outbound filtering?

Yes. We have outbound filtering.

How are emails filtered?

Our email servers have built-in SpamAssassin technology, the #1 open source email spam filter.

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