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HELLO! THANK YOU very much for the payment. TL;DR you can reach us via Telegram @Kingmailer or email Before you continu, keep in mind what we support. Need a refund? Contact us. Refund = the amount paid minus transaction fees. We are in the UTC -3 time zone. If you’re new here, and you […]


TLDR; Kingmailer offers No SMTP Leak Some providers might leak your actual physical address, when sending an email, by displaying your IP address to the recipient. Some have privacy concerns, with what they want to reveal to providers about their whereabouts… well whatever your personal reasons may be, we have some good news. After working […]

用比特币购买 SMTP

我们接受比特币。 购买您的 SMTP 服务器以发送交易电子邮件和 mx 电子邮件路由并使用比特币支付。 免费试用我们的 SMTP 服务。 使用您的 SMTP 用户名和密码开始发送、接收和路由/转发电子邮件。 使用比特币付款以升级您的帐户。 不适用于发送批量/群发邮件或垃圾邮件。 包含在您的帐户中 干净的IP地址 ✓ 入站电子邮件路由 ✓ 电子邮件仪表板 ✓ 电子邮件API ✓ 99.99% Uptime ✓ 30 天档案保持 ✓

Get a custom email for your business

This article is related to: Kingmailer gives you the option to create custom email addresses /email alias, such as, so that you can: Build more customer trust and confidence Increase recognition of your company name Complement and extend your business website Get your business found more easily online You can create multiple custom addresses […]

Cheap Mailgun alternative

If you are looking for a cheap Mailgun alternative, perhaps this list can help you. We have a compiled a small list with cheaper Mailgun alternatives with price. We cannot say which one is the best, we feel that’s something you should decide for your own. Price /mo Emails /mo 1 Mailjet $15 15,000 2 […]

6 Best Mailjet alternatives with price

We wrote a small list with the best Mailjet alternatives with price for you to explore. These are SMTP providers active today in the Transactional Email services space. Company Price /mo Emails /mo Amazon SES $1 10,000 (Usage based) Mandrill $25 25,000 Kingmailer $11.95 20,000 Postmark $10 10,000 Pepipost $25 150,000 Sendgrid $14.95 40,000 Seen […]

17 Best Transactional Email services with price

We have compiled a simple list with best and lesser known Transactional email services, that you can use for your next or existing project. Transactional email services are ideally used for: Forums eCommerce Email Notifications User sign up/Password reset emails For this list we have used Slant and Capterra.  Company Price /mo Emails /mo CloudMailin […]

11 Sendgrid alternatives with price

Just a simple list with best and lesser known (unknown) Sendgrid alternatives, active today in the Transactional SMTP or SMTP (includes email marketing) space. Price /mo Emails /mo 1 Mailjet $15 15,000 2 Postmark $10 10,000 3 Kingmailer $5 5,000 4 Pepipost $25 150,000 5 Mandrill $25 25,000 6 Sparkpost $20 50.000 7 SendinBlue $25 […]

SMTP for SaaS

We offer reliable and very affordable SMTP email service which is dedicated to transactional emails, the type emails that ae usually generated by SaaS services, think of registration emails, password reset emails and other important notifications that are generated by your SaaS app. The SMTP service comes with a clean high reputation IP-address, which will […]

Buy SMTP with Doge / Dogecoin

We accept Doge / Dogecoin. Buy your SMTP Server and pay with Doge / Dogecoin. Try our SMTP service for free. Start sending, receiving and route /forward emails with your SMTP username and password. Pay with Doge / Dogecoin to upgrade your account. You can deposit directly to our wallet address: