How to send emails in WordPress (with screenshots)

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If you searched one of these, or similar and found this article, you’ve landed on the right place.

We’ll show you how to start sending emails from your WordPress.

First step:

Time needed: 2 minutes

Install and activate the Kingmailer WordPress SMTP plugin

  1. Login as admin in your WordPress site

    If you are already logged in as admin, click on Plugins

  2. Click Add New

  3. Search Kingmailer SMTP

  4. Click Install Now

    After installing the plugin, click Activate.

  5. Go to plugin Settings

    Visit the plugin settings bij going to Settings > Kingmailer. Check the screenshot below to see how the plugin looks like, with description.

  6. Kingmailer API

    To make this work, you will also need the API (key). Check the screenshots/visuals below with description, after step 11.

  7. Go to Credentials

    This is the first step in creating your key (API). In your Kingmailer-account, go to Credentials, and click on Create credential

  8. Select API

    In the Type field, select API

  9. Name

    Give the API a name, this can be ExampleAPI

  10. Click Create credential

  11. Go to Credentials

    Now go to Credentials, click on ExampleAPI, and there you can copy the Key which you can use in your WordPress site.

This is how the plugin Settings looks like.

Enter your domain
From name
From Address
API key

Where do I find the API?

Login first into your Kingmailer account:

Add your credential
Click on the dropdown menu
API name
Create the API
Your Credential
Your API-key

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