In this article we will explain how to get your account up and running.

Follow the steps below and have fun!

  1. Register / sign up

Signing up with our service is free and it’s also free to test/try out. Giving you a fair chance to try our product, before deciding to upgrade.

To register / sign up follow this link:

Enter your email address and hit REGISTER

After clicking the Register button, you will receive an email, it will have an activation link:

Click the activation link and follow the final steps.

After filling in these fields and clicking on CREATE ACCOUNT, your final account is created.

This is how your brand-new account looks like when you first login:

From there, the steps to follow are:

Add your first domain, verify the ownership, visit the Help section, there you will find your SMTP Username and Password, ready to be used.

Once you are ready to upgrade, send us an email