Sendgrid alternative

Why choose Kingmailer over Sendgrid?

Better inbox rate + easier user interface.

How much does Kingmailer cost?

$5 /monthBuy now
$59 /yearBuy now
20,000 emails per month. For Routing & Transactional emails only. Change the quantity to purchase additional months. Not for sending mass mail or newsletters. Have questions? Send us an email We accept Bitcoin.

Easy to troubleshoot emails

In your Kingmailer dashboard, you can click on each email to troubleshoot. Kingmailer logs and retains data of your emails, this is very useful when you need to troubleshoot your emails.

Here are a few screenshots to give you an idea:

Incoming messages
Spam check
Spam status
Extra details of your message
Spam Check details
Spam score

This is already pre-configured in your account, give it a try.

Their Essentials plan (cheapest what they offer, $14,95 p/mo), only gives 3 days of Search email activity… this can never be enough, forcing you to buy more days. A dedicated IP must be purchased (price $89,95 p/mo).

Kingmailer SMTP offers a simple interface and much much faster setup to start sending, receiving and routing emails.

This side-by-side comparison is based on features listed on Sendgrid’s pricing page:

Straightforward Integration
Interactive API Docs
Setup Guide
Comprehensive Client Libraries
Knowledge Center
Technical Support
Trusted Deliverability & Performance
Purpose-Built Mail Transfer Agent
Email Address Validation API
Globally Distributed Architecture
Reputation & Delivery Visibility
Suppression Management
Dedicated IP Addresses
Automated, dedicated IP warm up
Dedicated IP Pooling
Domain Authentication (SPF/DKIM)
Link Branding
Reverse DNS
Universal Links
Actionable Analytics
Real-Time Analytics
Engagement Tracking
ISP Feedback Loop Data
Advanced Statistics
Subuser Comparison Statistics
Searchable Email Activity3 days included30 days included
Additional Email Activity HistoryAvailable for
Available for
Event Webhook
Inbound Parse Webhook
Expertise & Support
Technical SupportTicket & chat supportEmail, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp
Access to Expert ServicesAvailable for purchase
Dedicated Customer
Success Manager
Productive Collaboration
Dynamic Templates
Email Content Testing
Teammate Permissions1 team mate
API Key Permissions
Subuser Management
Privacy & Security
Two-Factor Authentication
IP Access Management
TLS encryption
SOC 2 Type II certification
Privacy Shield Certification
and GDPR Compliance
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How does Kingmailer work?

Kingmailer is a cloud-based SMTP provider that acts as an email delivery engine, allowing you to send email without the cost and complexity of maintaining your own email servers. Kingmailer manages the technical details of email delivery, like infrastructure scaling, ISP outreach, reputation monitoring, and real-time analytics.

How does the free trial work?

You can send 20 transactional emails to max 20 email recipients with your free account, which is perfect for testing purpose. If you need to send more than that, you can easily upgrade to a paid plan.

How do you measure the number of emails I send?

Every time you send one email to one recipient, it’s deducted as one email credit from your paid plan. This occurs whether the email is ultimately deferred or sent to spam by the inbox provider.

What happens if I go over my plan?

If you send more emails than your plan allows within a given billing period, you will be charged a small overage fee on a per-email basis. Any overage fees are added to your invoice for the following billing period.

Can you help me get started? Do you offer deliverability consulting?

Yes! We can walk you through the entire set-up process to ensure that your email environment is built for success. You don’t need deliverability consulting with Kingmailer as your emails are designed to land in user’s inboxes.

Why do I need to verify my account?

We only ask you do this by email, just click on the activation link to verify your account. No credit card is needed for this.

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