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Why Kingmailer?

With Kingmailer you don’t need to purchase a dedicated IP or “managed email service” or pay extra for “great delivery” to enjoy great deliverability. Great email delivery is already included in your plan, doesn’t matter which plan you use.


Kingmailer provides everything you’ll need for sending, receiving and routing (forwarding) your emails.

Transactional Emails
Bulk/Marketing allowed
Official libraries
Community libraries
Spam score checking
Spam complaint handling
Bounce handling
Shared IPs
Dedicated IPs
Separate servers
Pre-made email templates
Template engine
Inbox preview
Scheduled delivery
A/B testing
Email address validation
Inbound email processing
RegEx matching on all email headers (“routes”)
Chain multiple filters
UTF-8 encoding
Strip signature and quote blocks
Spam filtering
Delivery rates
Bounce rates
Open rates
Click tracking
Unsubscribe tracking
Spam rates
Full message storage (180 days /custom)
Automatic tagging
Custom tagging
Custom header metadata tag
Custom tracking domain
Geolocation data
Email client and device tracking
Real-time notifications
Opportunistic TLS
Enforced TLS
Time to Inbox
System availability API
Service availability API

Seen something inaccurate? Let us know info@kingmailer.co

Here’s a list of email types that we currently support and don’t support:

SupportedNot supported
Sign up emailsNewsletters
Password reset emailsPromotional emails
Notification emailsCold emails
Welcome emailsAnnouncements
Transactional emailsMarketing newsletters
Forum notificationsUnsolicited emails
Invoice & receipt emailsSpam
Not sure? Contact us info@kingmailer.co