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What’s the reason? Doing research on SMTP services, unhappy with your current SMTP service provider or …? Leave a comment and let us know, it will help us understand you better as a customer.

Well, either way you have landed on the right place.

Who are we? Kingmailer is an SMTP service provider / Email service: our focus to provide a simple to use email interface to monitor all your email traffic and giving our customers very high inbox email delivery. We have a 98% inbox score to GlockApps.

This is how your dashboard looks like, super easy to monitor your emails:

View your recent processed emails
Meta data

Okay but, what is our price? You may ask.

Check the table below to get an idea:

$11.95Per month0%
$143.40 $591-Year plan*58%
$286.80 $892-Year plan*68%
This plan is based on 5,000 emails per month. Transactional emails only.
*After the initial period, you will be charged annual service fee at then-current prices (currently $79.00/year).

Okay, but can I send bulk / spam? Short answer: no.

This is what we support:

Just to keep it simple and fyi, just so we are on the same page, this is what our platform supports:

Bulk marketing / NewslettersNo
Transactional emailsYes
Email routingYes

If you need an email service, other than for sending bulk newsletters, try our service for free to find out if it suits your needs. No credit card required for trying our service.

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