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Start sending and receiving emails with your domain name.

You have email addresses and you need an email forwarding service or you don’t even have email addresses, you have a domain, but you need email addresses.

Let’s show you how

You want your customers to send you emails to your business email address and have the emails delivered to your Gmail (or other provider).

Kingmailer offers free and paid email forwarding / email alias services.

Here’s how to get started. If you need help, just send us an email

  1. Create Endpoints

    An Endpoint is where you want the emails to be delivered, it can be your Gmail-address.
    In your Kingmailer-account go to Routing (1), click on Address Endpoints (2) and then on Add your first address endpoint (3).

  2. Enter your email address

    Enter your email address (1) and click Create address endpoint (2).

  3. Create a Route

    The Endpoint is there, so now you can create any email address you like, all emails send to this address will be delivered (forwarded/routed) to the Endpoint aka your Gmail address.

    Enter a username (1) for your email address for example info@domain so there you’ll enter just info. Select the domain (2) (which you already verified in your account: SPF, DKIM, MX and Return Path). Choose the Endpoint (3) which you created earlier.

  4. Sending Emails from Gmail

    Go to Settings > Accounts and Import > Add another email address > Send mail as

  5. Add your email address

    Enter your name and your email address, allow Treat as an alias and then Next Step

  6. Enter the SMTP credentials

    You can use these settings:

    SMTP Server:
    Username: enter your SMTP username
    Password: enter your SMTP password
    Port: 587, 465, 25 or 2525
    Secure connection: TLS

So there you have it, now you can manage multiple email inboxes all at one fixed place, no need to login and log out, in multiple addresses or multiple different domains + you get to use Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Proton etc where you already comfortable using.

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