Email forwarding without hosting

In this article, we explain how to forward received emails to the email address of your choice when using the Routing feature, you don’t need a web hosting for this. All you need for this, is a domain and a free Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo or Proton email address (can work with any provider).

Try email forwarding without hosting now

Your domain

Enter your domain or email address. Emails send to this address will be forwarded to your Gmail address.

Setup routing / forward ↗

Configure using the steps provided below, to send and receive emails with your own domain.

Your email address

Enter your Gmail address or any other email address.

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I want to forward my e-mail to one or more e-mail addresses / multiple recipients

In this article we will assume you have already signed up for a free Kingmailer account, and have already setup your domain.

If you would also like to send emails using your domains (not just receive), make sure to follow the instructions from point 4.

Here’s how to get started. If you need help, just send us an email

  1. Create Endpoints

    An Endpoint is where you want the emails to be delivered, it can be your Gmail-address.
    In your Kingmailer-account go to Routing (1), click on Address Endpoints (2) and then on Add your first address endpoint (3).

  2. Enter your email address

    Enter your email address (1) and click Create address endpoint (2).

  3. Create a Route

    The Endpoint is there, so now you can create any email address you like, all emails send to this address will be delivered (forwarded/routed) to the Endpoint aka your Gmail address.

    Enter a username (1) for your email address for example info@domain so there you’ll enter just info. Select the domain (2) (which you already verified in your account: SPF, DKIM, MX and Return Path). Choose the Endpoint (3) which you created earlier.

  4. Sending Emails from Gmail

    Go to Settings > Accounts and Import > Add another email address > Send mail as

  5. Add your email address

    Enter your name and your email address, allow Treat as an alias and then Next Step

  6. Enter the SMTP credentials

    You can use these settings:

    SMTP Server:
    Username: enter your SMTP username
    Password: enter your SMTP password
    Port: 587, 465, 25 or 2525
    Secure connection: TLS

So there you have it, you can send and receive emails in your Gmail using your own domain. Create as many email addresses you want, have the emails delivered to your Gmail, at no extra costs.

In this tutorial I have worked with Gmail, but you can use any other provider such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Proton etc.

Just to keep it simple and fyi, just so we are on the same page, this is what our platform supports:

Bulk marketing / NewslettersNo
Transactional emailsYes
Email routingYes

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