Meilleur serveur SMTP gratuit

Commencez à envoyer, recevoir, acheminer / transférer vos e-mails, en utilisant notre serveur SMTP gratuit. Après votre inscription, vous aurez votre nom d’utilisateur SMTP et votre mot de passe SMTP gratuits. Et aussi l’API Web SMTP gratuite.


Kingmailer fournit tout ce dont vous aurez besoin pour envoyer, recevoir et acheminer (transférer) vos e-mails.

Transactional Emails
Bulk/Marketing allowed
Official libraries
Community libraries
Spam score checking
Spam complaint handling
Bounce handling
Shared IPs
Dedicated IPs
Separate servers
Pre-made email templates
Template engine
Inbox preview
Scheduled delivery
A/B testing
Email address validation
Inbound email processing
RegEx matching on all email headers (“routes”)
Chain multiple filters
UTF-8 encoding
Strip signature and quote blocks
Spam filtering
Delivery rates
Bounce rates
Open rates
Click tracking
Unsubscribe tracking
Spam rates
Full message storage (180 days /custom)
Automatic tagging
Custom tagging
Custom header metadata tag
Custom tracking domain
Geolocation data
Email client and device tracking
Real-time notifications
Opportunistic TLS
Enforced TLS
Time to Inbox
System availability API
Service availability API

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Comment ça marche?

After signing up with Kingmailer you will have your own free SMTP mail server, with username and password. You can use the SMTP server and integrate with your web apps for example WordPress.

Voici une liste des types d’e-mails que nous prenons actuellement en charge et non:

SupportedNot supported
Sign up emailsNewsletters
Password reset emailsPromotional emails
Notification emailsCold emails
Welcome emailsAnnouncements
Transactional emailsMarketing newsletters
Forum notificationsUnsolicited emails
Invoice & receipt emailsSpam
Not sure? Contact us

Pourquoi vous allez adorer Kingmailer

Quick email integration
Easy setup
Free plan
Highly reliable
Can also be used for inbound emails
Easy to use UI
Email + WhatsApp support
Easy to view logs of sent emails
Easy to configure in Gmail
Bitcoin also accepted

Placement de boîte aux lettres

Fournisseur de messageriePlacement de boîte aux lettres
G Suite100%
Boites aux lettres98.2%

Pour le rapport complet, veuillez cliquer ici Email delivery report. (Ouvre dans un nouvel onglet)

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